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Wireless GSM alarm system BA01

white wireless gsm alarm system

 Material Code:  AS05

Product's Performance
  • GSM Network
  • English, Russian, Spanish or Language customized
  • LED/LCD locked display
  • 433MHz or 315Mhz
  • Built-in perpetual calendar and clock; automatic logging of alarm cases by time sequence
  • Message recording playback: human recording, synchronous playback for recording effect in
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    Function Discription:

    • Programming of defense zone type: all zones could be programmed via keypad for real-time, delayed, 24-hour and bypass alarm modes.

    • Alarm Position Programming: Intelligent automatic speech recognition: SOS alarm, fire alarm, gas leak, magnetic contact alarm, hall alarm, window alarm, balcony alarm, and boundary alarm.

    • Timing arm and disarm: panel features automatic timing arm and disarm.

    • Intelligent Music Alarm: full voice prompt. Stay at home arm, with music and voice alarm, external siren mute; Out arm, with voice alarm, loud external siren alarm.

    • Password Recovery: Whether the panel is in arm or disarm, the lost password can be recovered.

    • Intelligent learning code: intelligent learning code, newly added with detector which is prompt and efficient, convenient and simple.

    • Control panel status memory: Panel can automatically memorize arm and disarm, which could enable the panel to automatically recover arm or disarm state as before even power off or restart the panel.

    • Event Log Query: host automatically records 45 pieces of all information concerning arm, disarm and alarm event.

    • Line priority alarm: the panel will cut the busy call and switch to priority alarm in case of the alarm during ongoing call, no matter incoming or outgoing call.

    • Phone disconnection detection: automatic detection and alarm warning in line-cutting , anti-sabotage of telephone lines.

    • Remote control: through remote phone (cell phone) dial-up, many operations could be realized, like arm, disarm and on-site monitoring from the panel.

    • Control panel is equipped with battery box, with optional AAA NI-MH rechargeable battery. Control panel meets China’s 3C Safety standards and national standard GB12663-2001, CE & RoHS Certification.

    • Compatible with international universal accepted protocol of CMS: ADEMCO Contact ID alarm communication protocol.

    Input Voltage
    AC=110-240V±10%; DC=12V/1A
    Standby Current
    Alarm Current<40mA
    wireless Frequency
    315MHz/433MHz; PT2262/EV1527
    GSM Frequency
    Wireless Receiving Sensitivity
    1V/m(frequency range: 20~1000MHz)
    Backup Battery
    AAA*6 DC=7.2V
    Siren Volume110db
    Wireless Sensors
    Remote Controls
    Working Temperature
    <90%(no fog)

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